Job Posted on: Sept. 18, 2019

Job Type: Contract

Experience Level: Mid-Level

Job description

RChain core development team project manager 

Our team is looking for an experienced project manager / SCRUM Master to join our team as we continue the development of our blockchain project.  If you are an experienced project manager / SCRUM Master with good technical understanding of blockchain technology, please consider joining our team.  


           ●  Highly skilled with project management: planning, initiating, executing, risk management, resource management, and stakeholder communications

           ●  Ability to manage an Agile team

           ●  Understanding of the software project life-cycle and ability to manage it

           ●  Comfortable working in a fast-paced and sometimes ambiguous environment

           ●  Experience with QA, release management, and systems reliability engineering is a plus  

           ●  Experience with JIRA and confluence is a plus

           ●  Experience managing a git workflow is a plus

           ●  Experience managing a distributed team is a plus

Position requirements 

  • ●  Lead a distributed, Agile development team with ○ backlog grooming
    ○ sprint planning
    ○ stand up facilitation
    ○ management of velocity
  • ●  Manage the effort to capture, make sense of, and accept feature requirements
    • ○  Work with stakeholders to capture feature requirements
    • ○  Facilitate feasibility study of proposed feature requirements
    • ○  Schedule and resource research and development of new features
    • ○  Convert and prioritize proposed and feasible feature requirements to the backlog
  • ●  Act as a community liaison for the core development team
    • ○  Provide weekly updates on the work of the development team during the RChain community call
    • ○  Provide, when asked, updates on the development team’s work to the RChain board of directors or other stakeholders
    • ○  Monitor and respond to conversation in all public discord channels under
    • ○  Plan for and facilitate weekly RNode community test sessions
    • ○  Maintain the RChain development wiki and Jira for stakeholder use
  • ●  Manage the release of software
    • ○  Work with the development team to test and release software at the end of each sprint.
    • ○  Document the contents of the release in release plans
    • ○  Update the roadmap with the release
    • ○  Notify RChain communications of the release
    • ○  Announce the release in relevant developer channels
  • ●  Manage the RChain public testnet
    • ○  Manage the SRE team in administration and maintenance of the RChain public
    • ○  Act as a liaison for users of the RChain public testnet
  • ●  Participate in the work to administer the development team
    • ○  Review and approve submitted timesheets
    • ○  Participate in the hiring/firing process as needed
    • Competencies:
    • ●  Leadership Skills
    • ●  Communication skills
    • ●  Technical Knowledge
    • ●  Organization skills
    • ●  Attention to Detail
    • ●  Multitasking
    • Education: 
  • Bachelors degree in a field such as Information Technology, Software Development Management, Software Engineering or Computer Science, or similar.
  • Location:
    The position works from a remote location suitable to the incumbent provided they have sufficient and reliable internet access.


  • Open Source project
  • Cooperative Community engagement
  • Developing a new blockchain
  • Scalable, concurrent, with proof-of-stake consensus
  • Health benefits for Full Time employees
  • All remote workforce; USA, EU, Australia, Asia Pacific, adding more.
  • Agile environment
Job Tech Stack
project-management scrum jira

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